You must be exhausted from paying massive fares if you book rides daily. It is the story of every other ride-booking customer who always pays high amounts in estimated taxi cost and sometimes even more. Inflation is increasing, and gas prices are supposed to increase. Therefore the fares are high but do you know there are a few hacks with which you can dupe your fare calculator? Anyway, continue reading this article to learn about mindful hacks, even if you don’t know about such tricks.

  1. Ask For Flat Rates

    After calculating your ride fare with the taxi farefinder, it is better to ask your ride provider company or the cab captain for flat rates. However, the estimated fare can go either way, creating uncertainty for the passenger and the driver. The drivers also would prefer a flat rate. Upon negotiating, they will likely agree to a flat rate but try to ask for rates closer to the estimated fare. By accepting flat rates, the drivers get the fares in advance and won’t have to worry about fares when ending the ride. For this favour, you can expect a discount of up to 10%, but avoid asking for discounts on short-distance rides.

  2. Offer to pay in cash

    The captains of all taxi apps canada love to get paid in cash and hate getting paid via card because every transaction made via processor machine has a surcharge fee of 2 to 3%, which drivers must pay. Considering this, the captains prefer to get the fares in cash. If you offer them a cash payment, they will happily accept it and can give you a fair discount.

  3. After Hours Surcharge

    Try to avoid travelling in after-hours because the rates are significantly high. Usually, the after-hours are from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. During that time, the cab companies charge an extra surcharge on every ride. The taxi app drivers try to charge high, so avoid travelling after after-hours.

  4. Try Avoiding Rush Hours

    The hours of the day when the roads are pretty busy are termed rush hours. A few hours in the morning from 7 am to 9 a,m and a few hours in the evening from 4 pm to 6 pm are rush hours. In these hours, roads are bustling, if you book a ride, you would be stuck in the traffic, and your cab meter would run, increasing your fare without moving you a single inch.

  5. Opt for rideshares

    Rideshare is best for a regular traveller travelling long distances. It helps you share your ride fare with the other person going to the same destination. Some captains are ride share drivers, and some are not. In significant cities like ontario, Vancouver, Toronto etc., rideshare is familiar, whereas it is unfamiliar in countryside areas. However, to find this service in big cities like Ontario, search for “ontario rideshare” or “rideshare near me.” Indeed you’ll find many cabs available for rideshare. With the help of rideshare, you can reduce your fare by up to 50%.

Indubitably ride-booking services add so much ease for us. We call the cabs at our doorsteps for pick up and drop off at our will. However, We get some choices in ride-booking services, yet we only get a few choices regarding fares. All the companies offer more or less the same fares, which are pretty high, and should be a little low. However, the public is in search of such service providers that offer economical rides. Whether there are rush hours, after-hours or anything, the fares should be the same and fair. Since the arrival of the M-Ride, the search for such service providers, as mentioned earlier, has somehow ended. M-Ride is doing exceptional work by offering economical rides. Still, continue reading this to learn about the services of M-Ride Canada.


How do you expect a ride-booking service to be? It should provide quality services, i.e., on-time pickup, drop off at the door, economical rides, low fares and be time savvy. The M-Ride Canada is precisely the same; scheduling ride with m ride will make you appreciate your decision every time. No matter if you are an office employee, a college going, a university going, or a regular traveller. M-Ride welcomes you on the journey of out-of-the-way rides. The M-Ride captains know the value of time and aim to drop off their customers safely and on time to their desired destinations. However, M-Ride is about more than safe rides. It also ensures you charge minimal amounts and way less than the other service provides. For confirmation, anyone can search “m ride rates toronto” or “m ride rates in vancouver” and compare with other service providers. You will notice a significant difference in the fares.  


Besides this, M-Ride captains are exceedingly cooperative; they believe in quality customer service. Thus, if you want to pay m ride fare, offer a flat rate or pay the amount as m-rides estimates. In both situations, the captains will cooperate with customers. 



If, on the one hand, ride-booking services make travelling convenient, then, on the other hand, they also make it difficult for passengers by charging high fares. Anyway, no one can control the fares, but there are several hacks to avoid some extra bucks on the fare. However, this write-up helps passengers seeking money-saving hacks or quality rides along with economical fare rates.