Ride sharing apps have made our lives easier and more convenient than ever before. The entire commuting pattern has evolved as it was in conventional taxi services. If you looked back a few years ago, there was no concept of ride-sharing or carpooling, and just a taxi booking service or local cab was the biggest trend. It was just a fantasy! Back in the day, you had to walk 500 meters to the bus stop or taxi stand to reach your destination. Multiple apps provide ride-sharing and carpooling services. However, very few of them have all the solutions for your problem. These apps have improved with time, and almost all have upgraded their portfolio. All the ride-sharing apps provide parcel and food delivery services alongside ride-sharing. In this blog, we will discuss the 3 essential elements of ride-sharing apps.

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3 Features Of Ride Sharing Apps

Ride Sharing & Carpooling

The major feature of these apps is ride-sharing services. Connecting the passenger and captain is an essential feature provided to customers. A person searching for a ride to reach the desired destination requests a ride in the app by filling in the necessary details. The captain receives the ride request and can either accept it or decline it. This way, both parties connect.

Food Delivery

Recently, alongside ride-sharing services, the app has also started food delivery services to facilitate customers. The model is operated as all the major restaurants of the town are registered with the app. The customer orders their favourite meal from their choice of the restaurant through the app. The app notifies the restaurant of the meal details and informs the customer about the waiting time. Meanwhile, a nearby app rider reaches the restaurant, picks up and delivers it to the customer’s place. The payment is either done online or in cash at the delivery time. The app settles the payment with the restaurants at the end of the week or month, depending upon the contract.

Parcel Delivery

Parcel delivery is the new feature added to the portfolio of these apps. The logistics company just provided this service in time, but now ride-sharing apps also facilitate customers with this service. This service is available for all parcels feasible for motorbikes.

3 Elements Every Ride-Sharing App Should Have


Every customer seeks affordability when choosing products or services. The main element is that the app’s services should be accessible to the customer’s pocket. People usually search for cheap rides to commute every day. If the fares are not within people’s reach, then customers will not prefer it, no matter how efficient the service is. Children in undergraduate or high school programs should be given a student discount to facilitate them.


The second important factor every ride-sharing app should have is that it should be accessible when one needs the service. Most customers face the issue that the cab is unavailable or not on time when requested. This makes it difficult for the customer to reach the destination, and due to the late arrival of the cab, much of the time is wasted. So, to run the operation smoothly, accessibility should be the primary focus.


The app the customer uses, or the cab which he/she books for commuting, should be reliable, and the captain should be trustworthy. The customer should feel secure and protected while travelling with the cab service. Following the necessary protocols could solve this problem. These include the license and character certificate of the captain from the government department. Secondly, the proper vehicle documentation and an efficient GPS system to track the route.

Wrapping Up

The ride-sharing app is no doubt a blessing for the current time. From the perspective of the captain or passenger, the app benefits both. If you are curious about how to make money on your own, then cab jobs are the best option for you to start with.