Commuting is a necessary part of moving the wheel of life. Our everyday tasks include reaching our workplace, visiting a friend or relative and dispatching a parcel to the required destination. All of these tasks need a reliable medium of convenience. It is said that if your travelling is not smooth and comfortable, then you cannot be productive in performing the desired task. Thus, having a reliable and comfortable commute is directly proportional to productive performance.

Regarding commuting, there are multiple options in front of you; one is that you travel at your own convenience or choose ride sharing app or conventional taxi service. Among all these, ride sharing services are the most effective and efficient in terms of affordability and accessibility. M-Rides Canada is one of the leading rideshare apps in Canada.

Accessible & Affordable 

Accessibility Matters

You definitely have used ride sharing apps and cab booking apps; there are a lot of apps which offer similar services. The main problem is the accessibility of the service at the required time; often, cabs do not arrive at the prescribed time. Whether you take a taxi or take or choose your commute from a cab booking service, the delay in the arrival of the cab leads to many problems such as getting late to your office in the morning or missing out on the deadline time of the exam.

People often complain when taking a taxi ride; they usually face the problem of not finding a taxi after waiting several minutes. The behavior of taxi drivers is also inappropriate, and they are not cooperative with the passengers. We often get in difficult situations just because of not getting on the required time, and not finding the convenience on desired time is the main reason behind it.

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Therefore, a ride-share app first and the primary feature should be accessibility, M-Rides Canada takes pride in our cabs being always accessible at your service. 

With a large number of cars exponentially adding to the fleet, and backend software managed by the best IT professionals, we ensure the cab is before in time at your pick-up location.

Affordability Is Important

What is the benefit of the app if the ride is available but beyond your reach, because it’s expensive? Affordability is the main and necessary feature of ride sharing apps, as people use this service to save the cost of fuel. If the fares are high, then there is no point in using ride share apps. Cab booking companies charge high fares from the customers. Once again, M-Rides Canada takes the lead in providing affordable and cheap rides to the masses. The distinctive feature that makes M-Rides affordable to everyone is our zero-commission policy, as we do not retain any share of the captains’ income, which helps reduce fares. 

Discounts, Prizes And Lucky Draw Awaits For You 

We believe in not just doing business but making relationships with our customers. With this concept in mind, we celebrate the success and participation of the people connected with us. M-Rides usually organizes giveaways and lucky draws, which include bumper prizes and other gifts for our valued customers. After using a certain number of rides or placing a required number of food delivery orders, you get eligible for the lucky draw, this way, you not only avail of the service but also get expensive gifts. Surprised? Yes, it is like that! So, what else is needed from just an app?

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Wrapping Up 

M-Rides is an all-in-one app that not only offers ride-sharing, but also includes food delivery services. Whenever you crave a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant, it is at your doorstep with M-Rides food delivery feature. Moreover, M-Rides Canada has added a parcel delivery feature to its app, which enables you to receive and send important documents and parcels to the required destinations. Now, you must be thinking that we are bluffing. If you don’t believe it, you should install the app and try it.