Fleet Business Model

If you own a fleet of cars in the GTA/Ontario and cannot afford the high expenses of operating a fleet M-Rides is here for you and offering you a chance as a fleet owner to partner with M-RIDES and Avail on M-Rides ride-sharing perks and coverage.

All M-Rides perks are subject to city wide regulations which are available on M-Rides.com and if those regulations and requirements are met individual fleet owners are allowed to enroll their captains onto the system. Vehicles are required to have two stickers known as identifiers as per city regulations. In order to have these perks activated it is necessary for the app to be activated at the times when passengers are being driven. If the app is not activated M-Rides is not entitled to any responsibilities as per regulations. Vehicle requirements and further details are available at www.m-rides.com.

  • Model 1 :

M-Rides will provide individual fleet owners/taxi companies our Ride sharing at a cost of 25 cents per km and the captain will have to have the app activated when using the app to pick up passengers within their open taxi router with their own on-call calls and will be able to pick up M-Rides passengers too at the same rate.

  • Model 2 :

The second option available for Fleet owners/Taxi captains is to be covered under our Ride-sharing program in order to operate at a 85/15 split share where M-Rides takes 15% of each ride and 85% goes to the taxi company, This will enable the taxi companies to be more flexible in with their on-call-in-home router and be able to offer their services to M-RIDES passengers as well.

  • Model 3 :

The third model we are presenting is a fixed cost. M- Rides will charge a base rate of 500.00 per month per taxi and the rest of the remaining profits will go to the Fleet company/owner. This is entitled with a deposit of 1000.00 plus 50.00 for every additional vehicle before beginning operations.