We all are aware of the conventional taxi service which has been used for years all over the world. As of today, ride-sharing apps have taken the place of taxis. Very few taxis can be seen nowadays. Ridesharing has changed the look of the taxi service; as before, only yellow cabs used to be a taxi. However, now anybody can make their car a cab and use it as a profit-making machine. It is a universal fact that traditional methods get eliminated whenever technology advances. Human nature is designed as when we see convenience everywhere, we opt for that. The ease of ride-sharing apps has made people choose this service over a conventional taxi. 

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M-Rides Canada launched just a year ago but has made its roots in the market. You can say m-rides is a new cab service in Canada, With several captains registering for the M-Rides driver app. The accessibility of M-Rides cabs is increasing. This blog will discuss how M-Rides has evolved in the market and replaced the conventional commute system. 

Ride Sharing vs Conventional Taxi Service 

Ride Is In Your Hands 

The conventional system of travelling has been used for several years. If you want to commute from one place to another, you must take a taxi at least 500 meters from your home to the taxi stand. While ride-sharing apps, there is no need to look for a taxi; the cab is in your hand. The GPS system connects the passenger and captain. As soon you request a cab, within minutes, a cab is outside your residence. This saves not only your time but also energy which is wasted in finding a taxi.

Safety & Security Matters 

Another benefit you get with ride-sharing services is safety and security. There are several surveys and government statistics; which report many theft and harassment incidents in taxis. However, if we analyze the incidents in ride-hailing apps, there are very few. The foremost reason for this is the strict checking and assessment of the person applying for the post of captain. The first main obligation is the captain should possess a valid license. Secondly, the person should bring a character certificate issued by the police department. The verification certificate proves that one is not involved in any criminal offence. After all the obligations of the person, the car itself is assessed. The car’s condition is also a very important point when it comes to a comfortable ride. However, we see in the taxi service that no one follows protocols, leading to unpleasant incidents. 

The App Is With You Even After The Ride

Once the ride is complete, it doesn’t mean the game is over. You can still complain about the service if you are uncomfortable. M-Rides review is a feature where your valuable suggestions and complaints are received. We ensure to acknowledge and act upon your complaint immediately. If you are not satisfied with M-Rides drivers, you can give your feedback in the m-rides complaints section through stars,  which eventually encourages the driver if the performance is good. 

Food & Parcel Delivery Is Now Compulsory 

Now only ride-sharing is not an option. Ordering food from your favourite restaurant is now a compulsory feature of every app. The trend of dining out has changed with time. People tend to order food while watching their Netflix season or playing video games late at night. The M-Rides app has launched its food delivery feature, where all the top restaurants are on board, and the best part is that it delivers food to you before it gets cold. 

Parcel Delivery 

Back in the years, if you wanted to deliver any parcel to your relative or government institute, you had to think about what to do. Most logistics companies require you to fill out lengthy forms and several questions. Now transporting a parcel is not a problem anymore. Almost every ride-share app has started its courier delivery feature to cater to this need of society. 

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Wrapping Up 

In this blog, we discussed the evolution of how ride-sharing services have taken the place of conventional patterns of transport. M-Rides sees the problem as an opportunity and continuously works to improve the services.