There used to be a time when people chose their own cars to commute, but now ride sharing apps have changed the whole scenario. The whole world is moving towards rideshare apps, and people look for cheap rides rather than taking their own convenience. Traditional taxis have forced people to choose cab booking apps due to unjustifiable fares and long waiting hours. 


 Why You Should Choose Cab Booking Apps

Car booking apps and ride sharing apps have made our life easy and convenient now. You don’t need to leave the house earlier to wait in long queues at the bus stand, nor do you have to bargain with the taxi driver for expensive fares. When you are ready, only you have to open the app and book a ride. Within 5 minutes, the cab or motorbike will be waiting for you outside the house.


Legality of Carpooling And Ride Sharing Apps 

A driver offering their empty seats to passengers that are heading in the same direction is defined as carpooling or rideshare and sharing. The main motive is to save the trip’s costs if travelled alone. Ride sharing differs from car booking apps, where a person hails a driver on-demand to get them from one place to another, and the driver also receives financial compensation and profits.

In Canada, carpooling is regulated at the provincial level. The provincial govt allows the act of carpooling based on specific rules and regulations. First and most important is that the driver and passenger share a trip with a common origin and destination. Secondly, the driver should do at most one return trip a day and lastly, the driver receives contributions towards their costs and does not turn a profit.



Avoid the Cost of Owning a Personal Vehicle

Owning a car was easy a few years back, but due to the increasing prices of automobiles have made it difficult for people to own and, most importantly, maintain a car. The cost of keeping a car is higher than most people think. If it were just to buy a car once, so it would have been an easy task, but the game continues. After buying a car, there are many expenses waiting for you. The first fixed cost you will pay is the sales taxes on your purchase then there is the licence and registration cost, which needs to be paid. After getting rid of these costs, your worry will continue. Due to global fuel prices increase, the cost of petrol also puts a burden on your pocket. Moreover, the maintenance cost, which involves oil change and insurance, takes much of your savings on just the vehicle. 

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You can save much of these costs by commuting with ride sharing apps. Urban dwellers who do not need cars can also save money by using M-Ride Canada, Uber and other cab booking apps. Most people only need their own car on special occasions and on weekend holidays, for which paying this high cost of a car is not a wise decision. The combination of cheap rides and online grocery delivery makes it more practical to live without a car.



Customers not arriving at their destination on time has made the traditional taxi a failure. At the same time, rideshare app customers reach their destinations much quicker. Taxi drivers are paid low fares, which creates inefficiency for taxi companies. Customers spend far less time waiting than compared to customers of traditional taxi services. Riders also have the option to share rides with others heading in the same direction through CarPool, the app’s ride-sharing feature. 



Consumers choose cab booking apps over other transportation methods for safety and security reasons. Many incidents have been reported in recent times, where drivers attacked passengers, passengers also got robbed, and especially harassment of female passengers has been experienced. Cab booking apps now require all prospective drivers to submit motor vehicle and criminal background verifications. The checks are done regularly, which include a search of multistate criminal databases, motor vehicle records, and a review of the National Sex Offenders Database.

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The ride-sharing and cab-booking apps are the best solutions to reduce transport issues for people and positively impact society and the economy. With increasing fuel and car prices, people tend to choose these apps and save their time and money.