M-Rides is among the leading apps for ridesharing in Canada. Even though this company started just a year ago, the app is now the talk of the town. M-Rides has all the necessary features which a modern ridesharing app should possess. The idea of ridesharing and carpooling apps evolved with the need to make transportation more convenient. Human nature is designed in a way that needs improvement and upgradation at every corner. The conventional way of transportation was not efficient enough to provide ease to people. Customers find it difficult to find a taxi or book a cab, as one has to go two hundred metres from his/her house to the bus stop. If it were to book a cab, the procedure would be very hectic and lengthy, frustrating the customers.

The major factor differentiating this app from conventional transportation is connecting drivers and riders on short notice. This is the most unique feature of these apps, which attracted the masses. In this blog, we will discuss the distinctive features of ridesharing apps and how M-Rides Canada operates.


Why Choose Rideshare Apps 

As we discussed, ridesharing apps have provided convenience to people as compared to conventional transportation vehicles. Well, a few more features prove these apps are the way forward. 

User-Friendly Interface

Ridesharing apps have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for riders to book a ride. The app is easy to navigate, and riders can quickly book a ride by entering their pickup and drop-off locations. The app also provides an estimated fare, so riders know how much they will be charged before they book the ride. This feature is particularly helpful for people who are on a budget and want to plan their transportation expenses ahead of time.

Flexible Work Schedule for Drivers

Another popular feature among drivers because it provides them with a flexible work schedule. Drivers can work whenever they want and earn money by providing rides to passengers. The app also provides drivers a safe and secure platform to connect with riders. M-Rides verifies the identity of all drivers and riders, ensuring that both parties are safe and protected.

Sustainability and Reducing Carbon Emissions

M-Rides is also committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. The app encourages carpooling and ride-sharing, which helps reduce the number of cars on the road and lowers carbon emissions. By choosing M-Rides, riders can contribute to a more sustainable future.


M-Rides is available in several cities in Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. This makes it easy for riders to find a ride no matter where they are in the country. The app also offers a variety of vehicle options, including standard rides, premium rides, and carpooling options.

Safety & Security 

Safety is a top priority for M-Rides. The app verifies the identity of all drivers and riders, and drivers must pass a background check before they can start driving for the app. The app also provides a rating system, allowing riders to rate their driver and provide feedback. This helps ensure that riders are getting a safe and reliable transportation option.

Competitive Pricing 

Another advantage of M-Rides is its competitive pricing. The app offers affordable rates for riders, making it an attractive option for people looking for a cost-effective way to travel. Additionally, the app offers promotions and discounts to riders, which can help them save even more money on their transportation expenses.

Driver Selection Criteria 

Canada’s ride-sharing app selection criteria are similar to other transportation companies but with a few additional requirements due to their advanced security & safety. The driver must have a valid driver’s licence appropriate for the class of vehicle they will be driving. One should prepare for the assessment before applying for a driving licence. Their vehicle must be registered in Canada with valid insurance that meets the requirements of the province or territory where they will be operating. The drivers should occasionally attend driver training in Toronto to maintain the driving quality, which helps most when a person undergoes driver’s licence renewal

PTC License

Many people are confused about how do I get a PTC license in Toronto. Well, do not worry. Here are a few easy steps to get a PTC license.

Get A Class G Driver’s License 

To get a PTC license in Toronto, you must have a valid Class G driver’s license, Ontario’s standard driver’s license.

Training Course

Complete a PTC Driver Training Course: You must complete a PTC driver training course from an approved provider. The course covers driver and passenger safety navigation and customer service.

Police Verification 

You must obtain a police record check from your local police station to ensure that you do not have a criminal record that would disqualify you from driving passengers.

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Vehicle Inspection 

Once your application has been approved, you must have your vehicle inspected to ensure that it meets the safety standards set by the government. 

Wrapping Up

Ride Sharing apps is the best way to commute in these challenging times, where fuel prices and the cost of maintaining a car have gone beyond a person’s reach. So everyone looks for convenience. With comfort and low rates, M-Rides provides both driver and passenger ease.