M-RIDES (MBE INC.) is highly dedicated for the protection of your personal information and guiding you about how we will be using it. More importantly, the Privacy Policy applies to the transactions and activities along with the data gathered through M-RIDES platforms, i.e. Website, e-mails or Apps. Please keep yourself updated with the privacy policy on a regular basis as we may update them without any prior notifications. Every time you use the M-Rides various platforms or you provide us with the vital information. Hence, by doing so you are actually accepting the vital practices described in this privacy policy at that time. Please note, a Privacy policy is a key element and a vital document for future references.


In order to effectively operate the M-Rides Platform and also for the provision of information about various products and services that may be of interest to you. M-Rides shall be collecting some vital details, known as “Personal Information”. This is information that can be used to get in touch with you directly. Examples of the information are , Full Name, Date OF Birth, Place of Birth, Debit/credit card information, E-mail address, other demographic information, NIC#, and all other information that is valid and useful for the registration, screening or contacting purposes. The Demographic information that you will be providing shall be divided into two categories, i.e. Non-Public information and Public Information.

Please also note, as part of the M-Rides Policy do we knowingly, i.e. intentionally, or otherwise collect, keep or maintain any personal information from children under the age of 18. This is due to the Policy Age Check of 18 years or more also important regards to Driving license authorities and Govt. regulatory bodies.


M-Rides will use your personal info, your e-mail address and other information in order to help us efficiently operate the M-Rides platform. Hence, to contact you in connection with the transactions and other key activities on M-Rides Platform. We will also be using the information in order to contact you or for the effective forwarding of trip information to you from other users of M-Rides service. We also need information to contact you and others for the suggestion of potential matches. A communications type that is known as “Operational Communications”, which can be necessary for the sake of efficient and effective operations.

Your key information will also be shared with our agents, reps and contractors as well as service providers. We require all these entities not to use your information for any other purpose except e-mail origination, receipt or support services, CRM systems and services and order fulfillments.

Any third party whom we are allowed to share your information is highly authorized to use your personal information, i.e. in accordance with the contractual agreements. This is with such third parties and in accordance with their personal privacy policies, also subject to change any time. Finally, those parties who contact you will need to be instructed directly by you. This is regards to how you prefer, known technically as “Your Preferences” for the use of your personal info by them.


‘Demographic Data’ is the data related to the area-wise segments of a particular person. M-Rides may be having a thorough review of all the demographic data. M-rides shall also be using the public information for the sake of other users to search your Profile for requirements specifications and for communications point-of-view. Your demographics may also be shared with advertisers and this can happen on an anonymous and aggregated basis. Our sharing of any demographic information with the advertisers shall remain anonymous. However, in case you respond to an advertisement, we shall kindly ask you to remember some key things. We will definitely ask you to remember especially if that ad is targeted to a demographic group, and you have made a decision personally to give the advertiser your personal information. Hence, in that case the advertiser may be able to identify you as being the member of that particular demographic group.


M-RIDES is a commuting service that provides you the provision and the ability to access and edit your personal information. Hence, to update your personal info you can use M-Rides platform via settings. This is so that we can vitally protect the integrity of sensitive data, while certain information cannot be changed, which is dependent on other info, e.g. Your Age.


M-rides shall take the liberty to retain certain info of their Users. This is a call made by standards procedures and also part of ISO standards. Also, by using the M-RIDES platforms, you represent and warrant that you with all attention understand and agree. This is in connection to all information submitted by you through the M-Rides platform. Hence, otherwise, to M-Rides and becomes the property of M-Rides and may also be used in the sole discretion of M-Rides. This usage or Retention of Information shall take place in accordance with the Privacy Policy as well as the terms of Usage.


Your M-RIDES profile is password protected and the purpose of that is so that you and other M-Rides authorized employees have access to your account info.

M-Rides shall be making all possible measures to make sure that your information is protected and secure on their system, i.e. Network. M-Rides further has security measures in place to protect against the loss, the misuse of alteration of information under our control.

M-Rides is off-course not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. However, M-Rides as part of their CSR activities do encourage the users to be highly aware when they leave the M-Rides platform, and read the privacy statements of all the possible websites that collects personally identifiable information. Finally, this Privacy Policy of M-Rides applied solely to the information collected by the M-Rides platform.


For the sake of enhancements on the M-Rides web properties, our webpages make effective use of “Cookies”. Cookies don’t tell us your e-mail address by themselves or any other personal information unless the user choose to provide this information. As an example we can say through making Captain’s registration on our website. After providing us with your personal information, the information than shall be stored in the cookie. Hence, it’s like an ID card that is unique to your computer.

They are Time savers if not deleted as they remember to help who you are. Furthermore, also helps us to be more efficient and we can learn what content is important to you and what’s not. You have the liberty to set your browser options so that you don’t receive any cookies and you can also delete the existing cookies from your browser. For the sake of viewing or how to see cookies that you have accepted. There can be configurations of your browser to accept all the cookies or to alert you every time a cookie is offered by a website’s server.