We all know where a problem or business opportunity exists, and jobs are created when a business operation starts. If you remember, we had a problem with the commute and travel. If one had to move from one place to another, he or she had to look for a taxi by walking at least 50 meters from the house to the taxi stand. After getting a taxi, the problem continued, as the behavior of the taxi drivers needed to be more appropriate, and the fares were also not reasonable. 

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A societal problem created a gap in the market for business opportunities, and ride-sharing apps made their way into the market. We know the features of these apps, but today we will discuss the economic impact of this business on society.  

Model Of Ride Sharing App 

Ride sharing app can be explained as an online taxi service or cab booking facility. Although, it works differently from traditional taxi services and cab booking services. The primary objective of this app is to connect a passenger and captain for a one-way commute. The app works in a way that it does not hold cabs or taxis in its own fleet, as compared to taxi or cab service, but rather it just registers the captains who own their cars. 

The Captains Are On Profit Sharing Model

The company does not directly employ the drivers and is not obligated to report with specific duty hours; they are in a profit-sharing model. The captains or drivers do not receive a permanent salary; they earn how much they work. This way, the app frees them from getting bound on a salary basis, and they earn as much as possible depending on their hard work.

Full Stack Developers Get Jobs 

To run the system smoothly, the app employs full-stack developers who aim to improve the software system. Every ride-sharing app needs good software developers to have an effective portal that will cater to the requirements of the business. In addition to developer jobs, the app also creates operation vacancies for the masses to manage the connection between captains and passengers.

App Creates Marketing Jobs 

To advertise the services, ride sharing app employs marketing professionals to make strategies and implement them for the app. Content writing, content marketing, graphics design and web developers get job opportunities. All these jobs are necessary to run the ride sharing business.

Passengers Get An Affordable Ride

Due to the profit sharing and a fare calculator model, fares remain in control and provide people with affordable rides. This balances the economic position of people, where both the passengers and captains benefit from the operation. 

Car Pooling Apps Are A One Step Further

Car Pooling Apps are the next step toward economic prosperity. Carpooling made it easy for everyone to commute at a much lower cost than ride-sharing apps. Carpooling is when two or more people unanimously decide to commute from one place to another together.

The model is that the driver is not primarily driving to earn money. Neither is signing in in the app to search for rides; rather, the person heads towards his/her destination. The person who wants to carpool with other people enters their route and destination, and the next person who wants to carpool requests to share the route with the person if the route and destination are the same. The unique part is more than one person can carpool together depending on the car’s seating capacity.

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Now, the process is that as the person who is being a captain, his main aim is not to make a profit, now 2-3 people are traveling with him, and they pay him/her half of the fare they pay to ride-sharing apps, this way the individual gets the benefit as the fare gets half and because more than one person is carpooling so the ultimate amount the car owner gets enough to cover the cost of fuel. 


The impact ride sharing and carpooling apps have had on society is exemplary, making people’s lives much easier than before. Where the commute has become affordable for passengers on the same point, captains also earn more than before.