Taxi services, ride-sharing apps and cab booking apps are the essential need of the time. With different names, all apps provide more or less the same service. Regarding travelling, everyone focuses majorly on three important things; affordability, flexibility, and comfort. Having a personal car or bike to travel seems good, but the fuel prices and maintenance costs make the decision not viable. There are many online services available all over Canada. We are aware of top cab companies, but this blog will highlight the three best taxi service in Canada and discuss these apps’ importance.


This is one of the best cab services available in Canada. It offers multiple services, which include car, scooter, or bike travel. The app also offers you cab booking in advance.

Offering the best competitive prices, the cab service aims to offer a comfortable ride to its customers along with a vast team of trained and experienced drivers. The company has a vast empire of cab services in different countries, and the price varies. A Lyft is easily available at your doorstep with just one click.


Bolt is another giant in cab services known for its quality vehicles and cheap rides, which it offers to its customers. The company operates in over 200 cities and 40 countries with reliable transport and travel solutions.

With a large fleet of over 1 million drivers and 50 million customers, the company has a fine record of delivering the best cab services globally.

Many people also know Bolt by the name Taxify; the company has established a whole new empire of reliable cab services. Whether in terms of price, vehicle size, model or timely service delivery.

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M-Rides Canada

M-Rides Canada is one of Canada’s leading taxi services or ride-share services. Even though the service was launched not a long time ago, the app is exponentially growing, with adding more and more cabs to its fleet. The number of captains and riders is continuously increasing over time. Although M-rides is a new cab service in Canada, the app has started two more services along with ride-sharing services. Food and parcel delivery is the other brilliant initiative that provides service beyond your expectations. Only a few apps provide all three services in one app, which is the solution to all your problems. The main reason M-Rides differs from its competitors is the zero% commission policy. The captains are not charged any commission from their income, so the fares are lower than other apps.

The most essential factor a customer seeks is affordability, and the low fares offer cheap rides to people for their everyday tasks.

Food Delivery Feature Fulfil Your Cravings

Apart from the M-Rides driver app, the food delivery feature in the app fulfils your cravings for midnight from your favourite restaurant. M-Rides assures you of timely delivery of the food before it gets cold. M-Rides has registered all the major restaurants so you can have your favourite restaurant meal on your table.

Our food delivery riders are available 24×7 to get a delicious meal from the restaurant to your doorstep.

Parcel Delivery Is The Need Of The Time

We all face situations where we must avoid travelling to FedEx or DHL to transport our parcels to another location. How often have you experienced an urgent need to get an important document delivered to the passport office or any other government institute?  We all have faced these situations, and a reliable and affordable parcel delivery service is a blessing in that very time. M-Rides courier delivery feature solves all your problems. With the safety and security of your parcel on priority, M-Rides guarantees timely delivery of your courier to the required destination. People benefit from this app feature after using certain parcel service deliveries, and you also get eligible for free rides.

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Wrapping Up

Ride Sharing and taxi services apps are a blessing today as they have evolved the pattern of conventional taxi service and taken it to another level. Not just the passenger but the but the captain also earn a handsome income by working on their own flexible timings.