This world continues with meeting each other to perform everyday tasks, and commuting is necessary to move the wheel of life. Our daily work includes reaching our workplace, visiting a friend or relative and dispatching a parcel to the required destination. All of these tasks need a reliable medium of convenience, and one of them is ride share companies. This is the service of connecting passengers and drivers on one platform for one way commute. If your travelling is not smooth and comfortable, then you cannot be productive in any segment of your life.

Various Options For Commute In Society

When we talk about our daily lives, we see many tasks executed. Several things we do require us to travel from one place to another. These include our daily ride to work, a taxi ride to the airport to see off our relatives and going to the shopping mall to catch the end-day sale on jeans. Apart from this, there are many other places and times when we need a reliable transport medium to commute. According to some surveys, a person spends an average of 4.3 years inside the car on the road. We all must consider minimizing this time and making our time productive.

Now, we must analyze the multiple options available to travel. There are many mediums of commuting in society for fulfilling our tasks. Here we will give you an unbiased comparison of all the ways for everyday travelling.

Travel With Your Own Conveyance

The first thing that comes to mind when you must commute is having your own conveyance, possibly a car. The idea is very logical, as you are not dependent on anyone or have to worry about the timings of the public buses or have your own car to travel from one place to another. However, as comfort comes with owning a car, the cost of maintaining a car will leave you in shock when the world is moving with energy and fuel crises. Don’t worry; we’ll explain to you how.

When you want to own a car, you need to buy it, and the prices of cars are skyrocketing because of the high costs of raw materials. This means when you will go to buy a car, your major savings will flow into a showroom. Secondly, if somehow you managed to buy the car for yourself, the next petty expenses await you. These include registration expenses of the car, motor vehicle tax, insurance fees, and license acquiring fees. Although these are small expenses, it gets a big bubble when calculated. Have you started calculating? Hold on; this was just starting. The next step is fuel. The gasoline prices are not settling, and we can see an increase almost every month. The average cost of yours will go up in this expensive fuel.

Last but not least are maintenance costs, which you must incur monthly, including oil changes, engine tuning, coolant replacement, etc. And if any mishap situation happens, like an accident, malfunction of the car, or wear & tear of any part, then that cost is separate.

Public Transport & Taxi Service

Now you have analyzed the option of having your own conveyance, here we will discuss the feasibility of public buses and private taxis. When you travel by public bus, you aim for an affordable ride. Bus travel is money-saving as fares are very low compared to other transport mediums. However, the disadvantage you get with a bus is the availability. The buses are not available for you 24/7, you have to wait for several minutes, and sometimes this waiting gets prolonged. This means you will have to wait if you have an emergency situation. If you get the bus on time, the bus will be full, and no more passengers can be facilitated.

This is a major drawback of public buses. Now you should look at the taxi service, and taxis are again a very soothing solution for you as there is privacy for you and your family as no other passenger is sharing a ride with you. However, there are some complaints which have been noticed. According to crime statistics, several harassment and mugging incidents have been reported when travelling in taxis.

Ride-Sharing Apps Are Way Forward

All of the options we have discussed have some drawbacks, either monetary or non-monetary. When it comes to getting a ride on an immediate basis, then nothing can beat the apps for ride sharing for this. You need to search for rides available near me to find a suitable ride. Ride apps in Canada are the most reliable, convenient and affordable means of commute. Don’t worry, will give you an explanation for this claim. When you choose a ride-sharing app, you first get availability; you do not need to wait several minutes at the bus stand, and you must walk a hundred meters to find a taxi.

The second most important point is affordability. You will not find cheap ride services other than ridesharing apps in the market. Multiple discount coupons are available almost weekly, which can be utilized to gain discounts. Then the app usually runs offers and campaigns where you get a free ride if you complete a certain number of rides from the app. This makes the ridesharing apps cost-effective for the passengers.

The App Is Not Limited To Ride Sharing

The apps for rides are not limited to just connecting a passenger and a captain. However, other services are also part of the business. Food delivery nowadays is an essential service which society needs. Almost every app has launched a food delivery feature in its portfolio. Another benefit you can get from the app is parcel delivery. There are multiple occasions when you have experienced a need to transport an important document to an office or a gift to your loved one. To cater to this need of society, apps have also added this feature in their domain.


We discussed all the possible travel options, including public transport, own car, and ride-sharing apps. Now we leave this to you to decide which one you want to choose regarding efficiency and effectiveness.