A service that connects drivers and passengers for a one-way commute on short notice is called a ridesharing app in this fast-changing world, where every single product and service is improving. Everyone looks for value for money, and before choosing any product, customers analyze whether it is worth it. At this time, if any business is not improving with the changing trends of society, then people choose alternative options.

There are various means of transport in society; one is a ridesharing app in many of those. You may have experienced many ridesharing and carpooling apps. M-Rides Pakistan is one of them. In this blog, we will discuss why you should download the ridesharing app of M-Rides now and start benefiting from it.

Brief Introduction Of M-Rides Pakistan

M-Rides is a ridesharing app launched in Pakistan nearly a year ago. Despite many competitors already in the market, the M-Rides ride app has made its place in the industry. To provide a premium service to society, the app initially started its operations in the biggest city in the country under the name of M-Rides Karachi.

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Reasons That Make M-Rides Different

Zero-Commission Policy

The one prominent factor that differentiates this ride app is its zero-commission policy. The app policy does not charge any amount from captains and riders from their revenue. This makes an M-Rides captain more financially independent and motivates them to work hard and provide quality service. This impacts not only the riders and captain but also the customers, as the app does not charge any commission, which reduces overall fares. Thus, you will find the fares of the M-Rides bike and cab comparatively low.

Customer Care

M-Rides believes in satisfying customers, not only selling our service. The app has set up a helpline center to facilitate passengers’ complaints. An M-Rides helpline number has been issued to the public for assistance. Passengers can contact the numbers to record their complaints regarding any issue they face. This could be the cancellation of rides, the rider/captain not responding, or the bad behaviour of captains or riders; these issues can be resolved over the phone. Our customer care agents are available 24/7 to help you.

Discounts, Prizes And Lucky Draw

M-Rides celebrate the success and participation of the people connected with them. The app usually organizes giveaways and lucky draw, which includes bumper prizes and other gifts for our valued customers. Using a certain number of rides or placing a required number of food delivery orders makes you eligible for the lucky draw; this way, you not only avail of the service but also get expensive gifts.

Other Features Of M-Rides Pakistan

Food Delivery

Apart from ridesharing, the app also has a feature called M-Rides food delivery, which facilitates people with home delivery of their favourite meals from the top restaurants. Most restaurants are already on board with the app, and those who want to register can visit M-Rides offices in Karachi. The same model of ridesharing is applied with this feature, and no commission is taken from the restaurant owners.

Parcel Delivery

Another feature of M-Rides parcel delivery. This is now the need of every household and individual. Sometimes, you have to drop an important document to a government office or want to deliver the gift you bought for your loved one. M-Rides riders specialize in transporting your valuables from your place to the desired destination. The app provides you a high-quality bag. You can hang this bag on your shoulders or even place it on the bike The bag stores the parcel safely and protects it from sunlight or water.

Want To Make Money Easily

Earn On Your Terms

If you have recently lost your job because of downsizing, in the company or due to the country’s economic condition. Even if you are working, have some free time in the evening, and want to earn passive income, then M-Rides is the best option. You can easily register as a captain or rider and earn a handsome income. The best part of M-Rides is that you are not bound to work fixed hours and can choose your working hours according to your feasibility. If you work 9 to 5 in an office, you can start working after the office. If you work the night shift in a call center, then the daytime is best for you to drive an income.

Just Deliver & Make Money

Most people complain that they are uncomfortable getting along with a stranger in their vehicle. There are some food delivery and parcel delivery recommendations for you, as it requires you to deliver food or parcel from one place to another. Eating trends are changing, and people prefer not to dine out in restaurants but rather have food on their couches while enjoying cricket matches. This trend has increased the demand for food delivery jobs, which is an opportunity for you to benefit. Food delivery rides wages will exponentially grow shortly, making it a high-paying passive job.

Similarly, people are also relying on parcel delivery services, as time is like gold for everyone. One could spend some extra money but won’t give their time to execute a task. Have you experienced an urgent need to get an important document delivered to the passport office or any other government institute where the application deadline is running out? Most people encounter these situations every day. This problem is a great opportunity for you to earn money. If you are not afraid to deliver food as it is sensitive to carry, then no worries, you can deliver parcels and couriers.

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Wrapping Up

M-Rides works day and night to improve their operations and provide exceptional service to the people. The feedback and reviews you give to the app help the management to improve the drawbacks and strengthen the ongoing activities.