Ride-sharing apps are also commonly known as ride apps in pakistan. Many people use the term pakistani taxi for cab service. All these terms are different names for one kind of service, which connects passengers and captains for a one-way commute. Pakistan has seen a drastic increase in the usage of this service over time. The conventional transportation system has almost been eliminated, and ride-sharing and carpooling apps have taken place. These apps’ convenience, reliability and affordability are exceptional, which has converted most of the customers towards this service. In this blog, we will analyze different online taxi service in pakistan that provides their services. 


The Services Of Ride booking Apps In Pakistan 

When the ride-sharing apps started their business in Pakistan, they were initially just ride booking or cab-booking apps. However, with the passage of time, multiple features have been added to its domain. 

The main feature is connecting captains and passengers to have a one-way commute, where the passenger requests a ride, and a captain or rider nearby receives a notification and has the option to accept or reject it. This way, the feature works in the app. Moreover, parcel and food delivery features are also added. As many trends are changing in our society, eating is also changing, and people prefer not to dine out and order food at home instead. This way, the demand for food delivery is increasing, and every ride-sharing app has added this feature.

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The next feature every ride-sharing app should have at this time is parcel delivery. As eating habits have changed, people do not bother to transport their gifts or forgotten things of their friends and family members on their own. As the survey shows, people are now too busy to go to their loved ones to give them their birthday gifts. Parcel delivery service offers the customer to cater these services. You can transport your small valuables, including keys, documents, gifts, etc.  



Bykea is among the list of online taxi services in pakistan. The app was launched in late 2016; initially, it was an online taxi service in karachi only; however, now the app has started its operations in two other cities, Lahore & Rawalpindi. Bykea was primarily an app for bike rides in karachi, but with the passage of time rickshaw, and car has also been added to their domain. Moreover, courier delivery is one of the most effective services of the Bykea app.



InDriver is an international ride-hailing service with over 100 million users worldwide and has become Pakistan’s most-downloaded app for connecting passengers and captains. Launched in early 2021, the app has seen growth in a very short span of time. The unique part of the inDriver app is that it connects drivers and passengers and allows them to agree on all the terms of each trip independently, which includes the settlement of fares. This app contributes to 40% of the total share of ride-sharing apps in Pakistan. Apart from the cab and ride booking, the app also offers a delivery ride for couriers and other goods from store to home. 


M-Rides Pakistan 

M-Rides online ride-sharing app, is among the car booking apps in pakistan, which is drastically increasing its operation initially in Karachi. Despite being launched just a year ago, M-Rides has made its place in the highly competitive market. The interesting part of the app is it launched all three features from the start. Ridesharing, food delivery and parcel delivery make the app a one-stop for all your problems in one place. The factor which has made M-Rides different from its competitors is its zero% commission policy. Neither captains nor passengers are charged a single penny for the ride. The three points agenda of M-Rides is reliability, convenience and affordability. To provide a service to society, M-Rides is continuously improving its operations and training its staff. 

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Wrapping Up 

Ride-sharing or taxi services there are different names for these apps, but the main motive of all the apps is the same. We discussed the top three taxi services in Pakistan, their area of operations and their reach. New apps are also entering the market, which will increase the competition, and eventually, it will be beneficial for the public.