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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

In most cases the transaction should be reversed once the card details gets validated.

The customer can ask the driver to end the ride whenever he wants. Billing depends on the time and the distance, if exceeding the minimum amount.

Contact M-Ride operations and share ride details or simply go to ride help and send the details.

For launching the driver complain it can be generated through help option, or through the ride history help option.

Contact M-Ride Operations and share phone number. (Some converted network numbers are unable to receive OTP).

For accessing the previous journey receipts go to the ride history page. On this page every ride history can be viewed separately.

If the wallet is showing negative amount it means there are negative charges against any cancelled ride by the customer. There must have been a ride that was cancelled by the customer. For any further dispute contact M-Rides Support.

Enter valid coupon, expired or irrelevant ride coupon cannot be used for a ride.

E-Copy of the receipts will be e-mailed to the customer, if the customer/user has added the e-mail in the details.

Contact M-Rides support and share ride details to adjust negative charges. (Terms and Conditions applied)

You can get your card changed instantly by going through the payment option in customer app menu.

To know that whether the driver is following the shortest possible route, refer google maps. Use navigation, if any other route can be suggested by the customer directly.

Ride process can be continued till the driver ends ride. Customer can go anywhere.

In case of an accident of the captain, please hit the emergency alert button on the customer end, ride in progress screen.

For a captain’s medical emergency, the emergency button is on the customer app during ride in progress screen.

For a scheduled ride or a daily schedule ride we apologize as the feature is not yet available.

If you have forgotten your password go to main screen, i.e. on main login screen below the password field there is a forget password function. This will reset the password and send it to your e-mail address. If you don’t get the e-mail, kindly check your message on your registered mobile phone.

For wallet history all the wallet transactions on the previous rides will show on wallet history page, and credit from M-Rides adjustment will also be reflecting on this wallet history.

To use the coupon effectively, on the main page of M-ride request, the customer can enter the Coupon that are offered from M-Ride. The Coupon will give a message regarding the availability status or not available.

For the utilization of the wallet balance effectively the customer can toggle on through app on cash option before requesting a ride. The user shall be able to use the available balance first for effective utilization.

The customers can refer his friends or any acquaintances through refer page option. The Customers can avail the coupons from M-Rides if he refers others through refer page by giving a number.

You can easily see the fare breakdown of your trip from Ride history page, the ride list is available, by tapping on individual ride. The customer can view the detailed breakdown of a particular ride.

Unfortunately, no customer can book multiple rides as this option is not available.

For contacting the captain, once the ride is confirmed, the captain details are shared on the customer screen. Therefore, the Customer can directly call to captain number for contacting the captain.

To update profile details, the user needs to access the profile page. Everything else can be changed on the profile page other than the user’s phone number & referral ID.

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