Transportation can be simply defined as the act of moving someone or something from one destination to another. A reliable transportation system is an essential need of society. We can observe many activities in society in our everyday life which requires an effective transport facility. These activities include reaching our workplace, visiting a friend or relative and dispatching a parcel to the required destination. All of these tasks require different means of transportation. We have several modes of transport to move people and things from one place to another. These include public transportation, ride-hailing services, etc. However, there are not enough resources for transport to fulfill the need of the commune in society, and the available resources are not effective and efficient enough to cater to the needs of the society.

This blog will discuss the transportation system’s problems and the elements necessary to improve it.

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Commute Options Available In The Society

We need to travel from one place to another among our daily tasks. These include going to work from our homes and going to the airport to see off our loved ones. Trip to the shopping mall to catch the deadline sale on jeans. Apart from this, there are many other places and times when we need a reliable transport medium to commute.

There are many mediums of commuting in society for fulfilling our tasks. Here we will give you an unbiased comparison of all the ways for everyday travelling. 

Public Buses

When we observe our society, many options, including public transport, are available. A public bus is one of them, and the aim when choosing public transport is affordable rides. The public bus’s fares are comparatively low compared to other transport mediums. However, the disadvantage you get with a bus is the availability. The buses are not available for you 24/7, you have to wait for several minutes, and sometimes this waiting gets prolonged. This means you will have to wait if you have an emergency situation.  


Rickshaws, also called “Tuk Tuk,” are two-wheeled vehicles with a doorless, chairlike body and a collapsible hood which hold one or two passengers. This is the most used vehicle in the country. Whether in a city or a village, rickshaws can be seen everywhere. These vehicles are on petrol and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), and because of this reason, rickshaws are considered a ride for every middle-class and poor person. Despite its small size, three people can easily sit on and have safe rides across the city. Another reason for their access accessibility is the easy loan and installment plan to get a rickshaw. 

Taxi Services 

Taxi services are Pakistan’s second most important and most used commuting mode. Taxis are a very soothing solution for you as they provide privacy for you compared to a rickshaw or a bus, as no other passenger is sharing a ride with you. The taxis provide more comfortable rides than buses or rickshaws. However, the taxi service is not affordable factor leather are some complaints which have been noticed. According to crime statistics, several harassment and mugging incidents have been reported when travelling in taxis. 

Ride Sharing Apps

Ride-sharing is a service that connects passengers and captains to have one-way transportation on short notice. There was a time when we used to wait at a taxi stand to wait for a taxi to reach our destination. Everything is in your control in this fast-moving era, and time is precious. There are mobile applications for almost everything we experience in everyday life. The ride-sharing apps have very competitive fares as compared to any other transport. The amazing feature which all the rideshare apps have is cashless payments where the customer can even pay with their credit or debit cards and can utilize the reward points in their e-wallet. 

Choosing Your Own Conveyance

The first thing that comes to mind when you must commute is having your own conveyance, possibly a car. The idea is very logical, as you are not dependent on anyone or have to worry about the timings of the public buses or have your own car to travel from one place to another. However, as comfort comes with owning a car, the cost of maintaining a car will leave you in shock when the world is moving with energy and fuel crises. Don’t worry; we’ll explain to you how.

When you want to own a car, you need to buy it, and the prices of cars are skyrocketing because of the high costs of raw materials. This means when you will go to buy a car, your major savings will flow into a showroom. Secondly, if somehow you managed to buy the car for yourself, the next petty expenses await you. These include registration expenses of the car, motor vehicle tax, insurance fees, and license acquiring fees. Although these are small expenses, it gets a big bubble when calculated. Have you started calculating? Hold on; this was just starting. The next step is fuel. The gasoline prices are not settling, and we can see an increase almost every month. The average cost of yours will go up in this expensive fuel.

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Last but not least are maintenance costs, which you must incur monthly, including oil changes, engine tuning, coolant replacement, etc. And if any mishap situation happens, like an accident, malfunction of the car, or wear & tear of any part, then that cost is separate. 


We discussed all the possible travel options, including public transport, own car, and ride-sharing apps. Now we leave this to you to decide which one you want to choose regarding efficiency and effectiveness.