Terms & Conditions

> Complete 8 hours daily within the day.
> Declining any Ride may cause disqualification.
> Not accepting any Ride may cause disqualification.
> If Ride is accepted but gets unsuccessful (cancelled by passenger) In this case investigation and reasoning will be a deciding factor.
> More than 3 unsuccessful Rides may cause disqualification.
> Bonus will be rewarded in Direct deposit in your bank account.
> After availing 2 rides, 3rd ride is free for the passengers. If the fare of 3rd ride is more than average of the preceding 2 rides that has to be paid by customer. For example, a customer took 2 rides of average $250 and his 3rd ride fare is $300 then he will have to pay $50.
> With the offline/online switches there were intervals that were observed.
> There was no records of declines seen as the app was used in such a way that concealed the use.
> For $50 Bonus on three rides, each of three rides must worth $10 or more.