Terms & Conditions

> Duration of $500 offer is 30 days (you will be marked as our preferred Captain through our operation department and your day 1 will start until you reach to day 30).
> Complete 8 hours daily within the day.
> Declining any Ride may cause disqualification.
> Not accepting any Ride may cause disqualification.
> If Ride is accepted but gets unsuccessful (cancelled by passenger) In this case investigation and reasoning will be a deciding factor.
> More than 3 unsuccessful Rides may cause disqualification.
> Bonus will be rewarded in Direct deposit in your bank account.
> In case of the captain’s disqualification caused by any means he will not be eligible to avail this offer but he can restart his 30 days cycle anytime to avail the offer.
> After availing 2 rides, 3rd ride is free for the passengers. If the fare of 3rd ride is more than average of the preceding 2 rides that has to be paid by customer. For example, a customer took 2 rides of average $250 and his 3rd ride fare is $300 then he will have to pay $50.
> With the offline/online switches there were intervals that were observed.
> There was no records of declines seen as the app was used in such a way that concealed the use.
> For $50 Bonus on three rides, each of three rides must worth $10 or more.